About Us

What is the Association of Automotive Intelligence?


AAI is a non-profit organization established to support full transparency in the market for used cars.

We build up alliances with other stakeholders; a wide range of organizations from car dealers and vehicle auctions to governmental institutions and automotive-related businesses all over the world.

The main objective of the association is to fight fraud in the used car markets. Facing the fact that up to 50 percent of cross-border car transactions can have tampered odometer readings, the whole car-buying chain lacks clarity and a powerful common voice, and legislation against the fraud.

The Association of Automotive Intelligence is the voice of the global used car industry, supporting and promoting transparent trade processes, defending the public interest, and exposing the problems of cross-border car trading. Our role is to monitor and accompany the development of legislation affecting the transparency of the used car market, advocating consumers in the first place.

We believe that exposing car-buying weaknesses can ensure the protection of used car buyers all over the world.

AAI brings together major players in the used car market and has 3 categories of members

Governmental institutions

Car dealers

Automotive / IT / Data enterprises